experimental South-Southwest South Excavation Level Number Excavation Unit Number Locus Number Isolate Number TRU Number HCPI Number Excavation Block Number Point Located (PL) Artifact Number Feature Number Artifact Concentration Number Southeast Other Camera Side B No Side A Yes Oly 2 Oly 1 Oly 4 Oly 3 Oly 6 Oly 5 Oly 8 Oly 7 Oly 10 Oly 9 North-Northeast North Ventral Margin Obverse Reverse Profile Dorsal Northeast Detail (Unspecified Close-Up) Orientations (e.g. "Side A", "Cross-Section") Cardinal (e.g. "North", "South") Directional (e.g. "180 degrees") Exterior East-Southeast East Oly 20 Oly 19 Other Profile View Plan View Element Detail Panel Overview Oly 12 Oly 11 Oly 14 Oly 13 Oly 16 Oly 15 Oly 18 Oly 17 Interior Cross Section Detail West-Southwest Southwest West-Northwest West North-Northwest Northwest None of the above. Shovel Test Number Artifact Concentration Locus Feature Isolate Transect Recording Unit (TRU) HCPI Site Project East-Northeast South-Southeast Artifact Shovel Test today static_instance-defunct-0 artifact non-art obverse static_instance-defunct-1 artifact non-art reverse static_instance-defunct-2 artifact non-art profile static_instance-defunct-3 artifact non-art dorsal static_instance-defunct-4 artifact non-art ventral static_instance-defunct-5 artifact non-art margin static_instance-camera_list-0 01 static_instance-camera_list-1 02 static_instance-camera_list-2 03 static_instance-camera_list-3 04 static_instance-camera_list-4 05 static_instance-camera_list-5 06 static_instance-camera_list-6 07 static_instance-camera_list-7 08 static_instance-camera_list-8 09 static_instance-camera_list-9 10 static_instance-camera_list-10 11 static_instance-camera_list-11 12 static_instance-camera_list-12 13 static_instance-camera_list-13 14 static_instance-camera_list-14 15 static_instance-camera_list-15 16 static_instance-camera_list-16 17 static_instance-camera_list-17 18 static_instance-camera_list-18 19 static_instance-camera_list-19 20 static_instance-camera_list-20 other static_instance-photo_type_list-0 Project project NA static_instance-photo_type_list-1 NA site Site static_instance-photo_type_list-2 Project hcpi NA static_instance-photo_type_list-3 Project tru Site static_instance-photo_type_list-4 Project isolate NA static_instance-photo_type_list-5 Project feature Site static_instance-photo_type_list-6 NA locus Site static_instance-photo_type_list-7 NA artifact_concentration Site static_instance-photo_type_list-8 Project shovel_test Site static_instance-photo_type_list-9 Project artifact Site static_instance-photo_type_list-10 Project panel_overview Site static_instance-photo_type_list-11 Project element_detail Site static_instance-photo_type_list-12 Project plan_view Site static_instance-photo_type_list-13 Project profile_view Site static_instance-photo_type_list-14 Project other Site static_instance-perspec_list-0 dd all directional direct static_instance-perspec_list-1 dd all cardinal direct static_instance-perspec_list-2 NA all orientation NA static_instance-perspec_list-3 dd all detail NA static_instance-associate_list-0 feature hcpi NA NA NA NA NA artoth NA NA inscrip static_instance-associate_list-1 feature tru locus NA dig shovel_test NA artoth NA artifact_concentration inscrip static_instance-associate_list-2 feature isolate NA NA NA shovel_test NA artoth NA NA inscrip static_instance-associate_list-3 feature locus NA NA dig shovel_test NA artoth tru artifact_concentration inscrip static_instance-associate_list-4 feature ac locus NA dig shovel_test NA artoth tru NA NA static_instance-associate_list-5 NA feature locus hcpi dig shovel_test isolate artoth tru artifact_concentration inscrip static_instance-associate_list-6 NA point-located locus hcpi NA NA NA artoth tru artifact_concentration NA static_instance-associate_list-7 feature exac_block locus NA dig NA NA artoth tru artifact_concentration NA static_instance-associate_list-8 feature exac_unit locus NA dig NA NA artoth tru artifact_concentration NA static_instance-associate_list-9 feature exac_level locus NA dig NA NA artoth tru artifact_concentration NA static_instance-associate_list-10 feature stp locus NA dig NA isolate artoth tru artifact_concentration NA static_instance-associate_list-11 feature none locus hcpi dig shovel_test isolate artoth tru artifact_concentration inscrip static_instance-yes_no_list-0 yes static_instance-yes_no_list-1 no static_instance-photo_dir_list-0 NA cardinal north static_instance-photo_dir_list-1 NA cardinal north_northeast static_instance-photo_dir_list-2 NA cardinal northeast static_instance-photo_dir_list-3 NA cardinal east_northeast static_instance-photo_dir_list-4 NA cardinal east static_instance-photo_dir_list-5 NA cardinal east_southeast static_instance-photo_dir_list-6 NA cardinal southeast static_instance-photo_dir_list-7 NA cardinal south_southeast static_instance-photo_dir_list-8 NA cardinal south static_instance-photo_dir_list-9 NA cardinal south_southwest static_instance-photo_dir_list-10 NA cardinal southwest static_instance-photo_dir_list-11 NA cardinal west_southwest static_instance-photo_dir_list-12 NA cardinal west static_instance-photo_dir_list-13 NA cardinal west_northwest static_instance-photo_dir_list-14 NA cardinal northwest static_instance-photo_dir_list-15 NA cardinal north_northwest static_instance-photo_dir_list-16 artifact non-art sidea static_instance-photo_dir_list-17 artifact non-art sideb static_instance-photo_dir_list-18 artifact non-art cross static_instance-photo_dir_list-19 artifact non-art interior static_instance-photo_dir_list-20 artifact non-art exterior static_instance-photo_dir_list-21 artifact NA detail (R) Enter the SWCA Project Number (5 numbers). Defaults to today's date. Defaults to the current time. Are you taking a photo with an external camera? yes no Camera Number: SWCA camera numbers are printed on a small white label attached to the camera body. If you are using a cellphone or other device to take photos, select "Other" in the drop down list above. Photo Number: Photo numbers are taken from the filename of the photo. If any of the last four characters found in the filename are non-numerical, omit them from the "Photograph Number" field above but list the entire filename in the "Photo Description" found later in the form. Form Completion: Return all cameras to the office for uploading at the end of the session. If you have used a cellphone or other personal device, email those photos to your crew chief. (R) Choose ONE. The photo type "" was selected on the previous page. All questions and choices not related to this photo type are now hidden.