Slimmed one_by_one one_eighth (R) Choose ONE. NOTE: if the FS is taken from a feature, select feature even if a different source is relevant. (E.g. if a FS is taken from a feature in an excavation unit, choose feature, not excavation unit). surface_artifact excavation_unit shovel_test feature floating_unit sample_unit tru general_artifact_scatter artifact_concentration hand_trench mechanical_trench machine_scrape_unit no_provience other (R) Was this collected from below the ground surface? yes no (R) Was this collected from a unit? yes no (R) Enter the Unit Name or Number (example: "E. 657002 N. 3957028" or "EU21") (R) Choose ONE. one_by_one one_quarter_by_four one_by_two two_by_two other (R) Enter a two-digit number for the level number. E.g "01" Choose ONE. ground_surface unit_datum locus_datum site_datum transit_station total_station Enter the beginning depth, in centimeters. Enter the ending depth, in centimeters. (R) Choose ONE. one_quarter one_eighth float other